2014 Favourites

This photo, i actually took last year but I completely forgot about it until now, and thought it fitted perfectly with this post. Its the last day of 2014 so I thought i'd share a few of my top tens this year! If anyone has any suggestions at what i should try out next year please let me know in the comments. I'm spending my New Years Eve with a few of my best friends and also plenty of new faces at a house party across the street from my uni house! Definitely the cheapest and most convenient option i had (apart from staying in with my dad). Then I'm going to stay in Liverpool to get my head down and do unforgivable amounts of revision for my exams in January! I hope everyone has a lovely night tonight and happy new year!

1. Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation
2. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
3. Sleek Blush in Rose Gold
4. Sleek Eyebrow Kit
5. MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo
6. MAC Lipstick in All Fired Up
7. Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Extra Black
8. Benefit's Hoola Bronzer
9. Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
10. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus

1. Lush Tea Tree Toner Water
2. Radical Skincare Advanced Antioxidant Serum
3. Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub
4. Olay Anti Wrinkle Day Lotion
5. Burts Bees Citrus Face Scrub
6. FACEB4 Cleanser and Toner
7. Neutrogena Visibly Clear Wash and Mask
8. Soap and Glory Hand Food Hand Cream
9. Lush Mask of Magnaminity
10. Moroccan Oil Treatment 

1. Love Aesthetics
2. India Rose
3. The Little Magpie
4. The Haute Pursuit
5. From Roses
6. World of Wanderlust
7. Native Fox
8. Lucy-j Loves
9. Zoe London
10. 5 Inch and Up

1. Tourist ft. Will Heard- I Can't Keep Up
2. HONNE- The Night
3. James Blake- Life Round Here
4. S Carey- Alpenglow
5. Tourist- Wait
6. Coldplay- Ink
7. Seinabo Sey - Younger (Kygo Remix)
8. Chase & Status - Lost and Not Found
9. KAASI - Work With Me
10. Tom Misch & Carmody - So Close

Also, I've recently installed Disqus for blog comments and still not sure about the move but I'm holding out for it as I've heard so many good reviews on it!

Rachel x


2014 Reflections & 2015 Goals


2014 for me, was probably the most hectic and happiest year i've ever had. I stuck to my new years resolution of making it an aim to say yes to more opportunities, giving me the chance to travel to new places. A lot of things happened including: 

1. Making and sustaining friendships with the most amazing people who i want to keep for the rest of my life.

2. Attended multiple blogger events and met some lovely bloggers, online and in person.

3. Achieved on average a 2:1 with my 2nd year, and entered my final year of uni.

4. Had some incredible memories at Parklife festival & Warehouse Project.

5. I was burgled and a victim of online fraud, however this experience has definitely helped me grow as a person.

6. I was lucky enough to visit new places, such as Edinburgh, Cambridge, Rhonda & Malaga.

7. Scored an interview with my dream job (which i have yet to attend!)

8. Landed an amazing job which has helped my CV and chances of my dream job massively.

9. Had the most amazing memories with my best friend and boyfriend, who always knows how to support me in any situation.

10. Achieved mini milestones with my blog, such as becoming a finalist  and winning 'Highly Commended' for 'Fashion Blogger of the Year' by TheBloggersLounge, hit 40, 000 page views and 300 followers!

2015 goals
1. The same goal as my 2014 one: to say yes to more opportunities but taking it up a level and trying to create even more opportunities for myself.

2. Land my dream job and hopefully be able to give back to other people. Its hard being a student with little money and seeing so many charities and organisations giving back and i'm constantly feeling bad at not being able to afford that. Hopefully that will change this year.

3. Try even harder to not let the fear of people judging me stop me from doing the things i love to do.

4. Document more. Take more photos and videos as you're only young once and i want to capture as much as i can.

5. Blog more. I drift in and out of motivation to blog, and once you're out its really hard to get back in. My blog makes me very happy and I always have to remind myself how much it does for me and its worth pulling myself out of that miserable rut i'm sometimes stuck in.


Feliz Navidad

This is just a small post on my recent week in Malaga, where I spent my Christmas this year! The weather was warm for the most part and it was such a lovely time experiencing my first Christmas away from home. Our hotel did a whole 'do' for 600 people with seafood, cocktails, champers, steak, cakes and profiteroles! Also don't forget to mention the buffet style breakfast, lunch and dinner i had everyday! Safe to say I needed rolling home after my holiday and the gym is calling my name (as is everyones) in the new year. I vlogged the whole trip but it'll be uploaded in two parts on my YouTube channel, so please subscribe to keep updated!

Rachel x



Warmer Climates

TOP: ASOS (black)

I'm back in the UK! I've spent the past week in Malaga for a Christmas break, which is why i haven't been as active on the blog/social media. It was a much needed break, however i have 1001 things i need to do now I'm home which is stressing me out big time. These are just a few outfit shots i squeezed in as the weather was a lot warmer than the UK.

I'll be doing a separate post all about my trip as I also vlogged everything that i ended up doing, so that will be included in the post. I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! What did you get up to?

Rachel x


December Wishlist


Just a quick little wishlist whilst i'm away in (hopefully) sunny spain right now! I tried to base it on a kinda 'christmas party' theme on mind. The simple culotte jumpsuit would look stunning with those gorgeous zara sandals! No need for the sequins and glitter at Christmas time to make an impression. Also how great is that watch for only £18?!

Rachel x


FACEB4 Cleanser & Serum

When I was sent these products, at first I was a little sceptical: firstly because I'd never heard of this brand before and secondly, the packaging seemed a bit 'teenage-ish' for me. I was given a one month trial, using ONLY these products for cleaning my face every morning and nighttime for a month. I knew it was going to be hard sticking to only 2 products for a month, but i definitely wanted to see if these products would help my spot prone and patchy skin.

During use, i noticed the cleansing and toning foam didn't really 'foam up' enough compared to other foam products i've used in the past. It was absorbed by my skin a lot more, which I'm not sure was a good or bad thing. Also, when applying the serum in the morning, make sure to apply it well before your makeup as it had a tendency to make my make up go runny and slip off on top of it during the day. After the first week of use, i noticed my skin had cleared a tiny bit- not a lot, and not enough to say it was solely the products responsible, as it could've been due to me drinking more water/better diet or similar issues. I didn't notice huge changes until the 3rd week really, when i had a close look at my skin in the mirror and i noticed all the small bumps which aren't quite spots (you know which i mean!) have virtually all gone, with all the spots and my skin definitely has a more even tone to it now. 

I definitely am impressed with these as i wasn't expected as good results as I did! It does take persistent use over a longer period of time to see a difference, however for the price-not the cheapest and not the most expensive, i'd say these a definitely worth a try!

Rachel x



Celebrations in London

This post is a tiiiinyy bit delayed however I still wanted to share it! I spent last weekend in London to celebrate my 21st with my boyfriend and these are just a few snapshots of what we got up to. We spent the Saturday noseying round the Christmas markets and then visited the tate, which i have been dying to visit for ages now! We then made our way to covent garden which had the most BEAUTIFUL christmas decorations and then finally headed to Heron tower to the Duck and Waffle restaurant which I've heard such amazing things about.

The Duck and Waffle is 40 floors up, which you get to via a very fast and very smooth glass lift. When you enter the bar area, it is absolutely packed with people. Obviously they all know how amazing and how exclusive this restaurant/bar feels. We were taken to our table and i literally cannot commend the customer service more. All the staff were always on hand, always catering to your needs, and i really don't think i've received such amazing service in any other restaurant..ever! I ordered the duck and waffle which is claimed to be the signature dish and boy it was definitely one of the tastiest meals I've had, despite earlier concerns at the mixing of duck egg, duck leg, waffle and mustard maple syrup. I backhandedly mentioned it was my birthday very early on in the night and thought nothing of it....and right at the end of the night the waiter brought out a little selection of tiny deserts, which completely surprised my boyfriend and I at how thoughtful and how well they must've listened! Afterwards we had a drink in the downstairs bar area and balcony, where the other restaurant, Sushi Samba is located. The view from the balcony was amazing, with a DJ playing music piped to all floors and heaters located around, the balcony was an amazing experience. I cannot recommend coming to Heron tower more.

I've piled together a little vlog of my trip just incase anyone wants to nosey! I'm going on holiday tonight so I've typed this up super fast as I'm buried under a pile of packing, sorting and tidying before my flight!

Rachel x


Favourite December Bloggers

Sorry I've been a bit absent on the blog since Friday, my busy trip to London took it out of me and i've been pretty bed ridden the past few days with a stomach bug and definitely haven't felt up to blogging! I'm still a bit rough so i thought i would upload blogs I have been loving reading this month! I've included a travel blog as I'm hoping to go travelling next year, and I've spent ages reading all the useful tips on World of Wanderlust. I've also included a male fashion blogger which i definitely don't see enough of, and his style is perfection. Normal blogging should commence now!

Rachel x


Birthday Gift Bits


These are just a few bits i received off my lovely friends/boyfriend for my 21st. I've picked a selection which i thought would be suitable as gifts for anyone for christmas or upcoming birthdays! I do know where most of the gifts are from, however not all of them. I don't want to link them as that would require searching the items on the internet and I don't want to put a price to how much individual friends spent, as to me it wasn't the cost that mattered! I hope you can understand and i don't think these would be too hard to find!

Hope this helps with any gift ideas!

Rachel x


I'm 21!

So as of Tuesday 9th i was offically 21! I feel like this is such a scary age with a lot of changes planned e.g. leaving university! I celebrated the night before by heading to Bistro Jaques in Liverpool with 5 of my housemates. They have an AMAZING deal on Mondays & Tuesdays of 2 courses and a bottle of wine EACH for £16.95, so naturally we were all over that.

The food arrived fast however the staff really weren't interested, leaving our table with no service for an hour after we had eaten. It wasn't until my friend complained that they gave us cocktails on the house! However i had an amazing evening opening presents from my friends and felt so lucky to spend the evening before my birthday with them. They even surprised me with a cake which i had no idea about. 

My boyfriend then came round and gave me his presents, however i'll do another post on gifts. On my birthday, my new phone was delivered and i also had to do a presentation for my dissertation. I then headed to the Ladbrokes blogger christmas party which I spoke about in my previous post.

Tomorrow (friday) morning i'm heading down to london with my boyfriend to celebrate my 21st in the capital with him! We've booked the Duck and Waffle but still clueless as to what else to do when I'm down there so suggestions are welcome!

Here's my vlog of my birthday celebrations! Also please vote for me for The Bloggers' Lounge fashion blogger of the year, i'd really appreciate it! You can vote HERE.

Rachel x


Ladbrokes Blogger Christmas Party

Yesterday I was lucky enough to attend the Ladbrokes blogger christmas party, and also to be paired up with a secret santa! The evening had such a lovely, welcoming festive feel to it and one word....BUFFET. Any event with drinks and a buffet and i'm there! A selection of pizzas, dough sticks, chicken skewers, fish goujons and bread with brie and strawberry jam all had my name on them.

There was also a cute idea of writing wishes on little labels and hanging them on the christmas tree, with labels picked at random to win prizes. A complimentary nail bar was also on hand for those nail disasters however it took sooo long to queue for! All in all this was a lovely event to spend my 21st birthday at and really put me in the festive mood!

Rachel x