Favourite Blogs of 2013

So i've decided to compile a list of my favourite bloggers this year, whose blogs I have turned to for countless inspirations, product recommendations and just the general cheeky nosey. I got the idea of this post from the lovely Hello October as I believe the blogging community is such a great thing, i have encountered countless kind and encouraging bloggers and i would like to do my bit by sharing my favourite bloggers and giving them some credit for all their hard work.

This lady has got to be the queen of minimalism. She has the most amazing fashion sense and I am always tuning into her unique DIY posts on creating objects/items of clothing.

I love this girls casual/tomboyish sense of style. It definitely shows you don't have to dress up and make a massive effort to make a statement.

Sammi is massively popular on her blog and on youtube for her effortless style, AMAZING hair and her beauty product reviews. She has a lovely quirky personality and even her photography is stunning!

Caroline has the most amazing body, face, hair, makeup, photography and decor..and she has just given birth! Warning if you check her blog out you will suffer from a serious case of envy.

I've only recently discovered Megan's blog but I fell in love with her styling and amazing fashion pieces. Her witty and chatty style of writing makes me feel as though i'm talking to a friend, and not just reading a stranger's blog!

I feel as though Louise puts soo much more then 100% into her blog posts. Reading her blog, i feel as though she has put so much effort into her pictures and writing. Her motivational posts are inspirational and she has the cutest little daughter ever!

Alyssa has an amazing sense of style, minimal and casual go such a long way and suit her so much. I am also so envious of her style of photography.

Please feel free to leave your favourite bloggers in the comments, so I could continue to stalk read and follow even more!


  1. Wow! Your blog is the best! I love it! :))

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  2. love India Rose and Love.A x

  3. thanks for sharing, its great to see these posts from other bloggers... not only does it show the support of the community but also, helps me find new blogs that could otherwise take ages to stumble upon xx

  4. I follow most of those blogs too, they're great! I also met Sammi at the Cosmo Blog Awards, she is the sweetest person ever hehe :))


  5. I have read their blogs before and your blog's one of my favourite too xx

  6. Hello dear, Your blog really awesome! Love it! <3
    Btw, wanna follow each other via GFC? Let me know ;) www.catpuff-blog.com

  7. Means the absolute world babe! thank you so much you massive sweetie xx


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