Swimwear Trends 2013

animal print bikini
Animal print bikinis: Topshop £32

Its that time again.
Holiday season is starting and somehow I have found myself booking a holiday and scouring the web for the perfect bikini. There are so many different trends in of swimwear at the moment that I am loving, its making choosing such a hard task! Firstly, these animal print bikinis are very popular and in trend right now.

Scene print bikinis: Zara (bottoms and top sold separately at £15.99)

Also high in trend at the moment are these 'scene print' bikinis. I prefer these to the regular print bikinis, just as these are more interesting, and can offer a more dynamic range of colours and scenes then regular patterned print.

left and middle bikinis: Topshop, right bikini: H&M

I absolutely am loving that these high waisted pant bikinis are in right now. They are perfect if you are not particularly comfortable with your bikini body- as they are great at covering those dreaded love handles and will give your body curves in the right place.

Wrap bikinis: Mouille (can be found at ASOS and ASOS)

I've been in love with these wrap bikinis ever since the Millie Mackintosh pictures of her in a wrap swimsuit. They've been in trend for a while now but i just don't think they get old. However, I could see a few unusual tan lines coming from wearing these!

What swimwear pieces are you loving this season? Let me know! Enjoy your holidays (to everyone thats going on holiday this summer).

Just incase anyone has/hasn't noticed, I've changed the name of this blog. Its taken me ages to really think and like a name that I can call this blog but I think I'm finally done with playing around with names and have settled on Style Soup :)
Rachel x



  1. I love the wrap bikinis! x

  2. Me too, definitely my favourite :)


  3. i love the two asos ones at the bottom!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

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