Review: MAC primer and Matchmaster foundation

I have had and used these products nearly everyday for the past month and a half so I thought that would be enough to do a cheeky little review on these products by MAC. I went to the MAC section in the York Fenwick centre when I was home for Easter around March/April time. I needed a new foundation and I was matched up with the MAC Matchmaster foundation and an advisor tried this and a few other products on me. I ended up purchasing the foundation and also the MAC Prep+Prime skin base visage primer.

MAC Prep+Prime Primer
I've not really been one to get along with primers too well. My skin is just so acne prone that its just hard to find a primer that doesn't irritate my skin. Most of the time, I find my moisturiser underneath my foundation does a decent job, so I was a little skeptical when the MAC assistant tried this on me. However, I am SO glad she did. This primer really evened out my skin tone and cancelled out a lot of the redness I had that day. After a month of using it, I am still as in love with it as I was when I first tried it! It makes my skin feel so much softer and silkier once this is applied- not even an exaggeration. I usually find that 1 'pump' is enough to cover my whole face and it makes applying my foundation easier and really helps it to stay on for hours. I have applied this at 8am for uni and come home to find my foundation still on at 3pm with no touch ups.

MAC Matchmaster foundation
I've spent soso many hours testing 'drugstore' foundations but the majority I've tried have been cakey and given me spots. Also, I have a very awkward skin tone. I'm not too sure if it shows in my pictures, but being half Thai I have a very yellow/olive skin tone. So many foundations look so orange on my skin and its so irritating. So I thought maybe I could combat this problem and try a more 'upper range foundation'. I was matched to this foundation due to my oily skin, as this foundation has no oil contained in it and also my desire for medium coverage. I was matched to the shade 1.5. The longer I've had this foundation, the more problems I've discovered with it. It is a decent foundation, however, it tends to make my skin look dry and flakey sometimes. I definitely don't have dry skin, and moisturise day and night so I was confused when it was making my skin look like this. I think this is probably due to the foundation containing no oil at all, so it isn't moisturising for the skin. Maybe I should question how I apply it and invest in a beauty blender instead of my real techniques brush. Also, during the day, sometimes it would make me look a little patchy and I would have to touch up just due to the weird patches that appeared. The smell of this foundation is also a little 'plasticy' if anyone is bothered by smells. The coverage is good though, medium and buildable. The shade also perfectly matches my skin tone. The foundation did not make me breakout, Overall, a good coverage foundation but I reckon, a different and better foundation could be found for the price.

Rachel x


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